About us

Our Beliefs

Become smarter!

At HP Lingua, we believe that learning a foreign language will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English. Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of your brain by challenging it to sustain focus and attention, negotiate meaning, and communicate in new ways. These skills boost your ability to think creatively and confidently in other problem-solving tasks as well.

Learn faster from early childhood

At HP Lingua, we believe that the benefits of learning a foreign language in pre-school are bound to positively impact children's present and future academic and professional lives. Young children’s attitudes to languages are usually positive as they, unlike adults, do not feel self-conscious about the way they sound when uttering foreign languages' words. Exposure to a foreign language as early as pre-school is tremendously beneficial.

Improve your academic success

At HP Lingua, we believe that our coaches can provide the necessary means to boost your child’s academic success, and at the same time provide lifelong benefits to the way they learn. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that the acquisition of second language is tightly linked to increased performance in areas of social and academic development such as verbal communication, mathematical development and reasoning skills.

The founders

HP Lingua’s sole focus is teaching languages to kids, teenagers, college and adults in a fun and interactive environment. Founded by Marilisa Patel and Sandra Kleban. 
Marilisa, a native italian, has been teaching her mother language since 2002 in both academic and cultural centers in France ( Université du Var, in La Garde, Societas Dante Aligheri ~ Toulon). Once she moved to the US with her husband, she taught at Purdue University, International Cultural Center of West Lafayette, IN, and at SMU - WLL Italian Department. She is raising two multilingual girls: Sofia who is 10 years old (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin), and Giulia who is 7 years old (English, French, Italian, Spanish). It’s not uncommon to hear that children of a parent from another country who grow up in the United States will eventually reject a foreign language and only speak English. Marilisa was determined to ensure that her girls would not reject Italian, and would embrace happily other languages and culture.
Sandra Kleban is a bilingual mother of two: James (4 years old) and Clara (2 years old) are already bilingual in French and English, and are learning Mandarin. Sandra has lived in three countries. She has an MBA from London Business School/HaaS School of Management (Berkeley), and more than 12 years consulting experience. She believes that everyone can learn a foreign language to a fluent level, if provided with the right guidance and help.